indie producer

In today's day and age, it’s not enough to be a good musician anymore. The ability to record yourself and have confidence in delivering your songs to streaming platforms is paramount. With more and more musicians recording in their home studios, now is the time to set up your home studio and begin producing quality tracks from the convenience of your home. That is why I have created  "Indie Producer" to give you the independent artist, the resources you need to succeed. After going through this course, you will acquire the knowledge and confidence you need to be able to record, mix, and master your own tracks from home.

 Here's what you get with INDIE PRODUCER:

-The Indie Producer Manual:  a 14 page pdf that covers your gear setup, digital audio fundamentals, mic choices, and more with pictures and diagrams.

-Over 250 minutes of in depth Videos (10 videos total) that cover all these topics:

Part 1: The Basics: Analog Signal Flow, A/D conversion, understanding bit depth, Studio Gear integration, etc. 
Part 2: Digital Audio 101: Setting up your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Direct Monitoring, Recording Audio, DAW tools and more. 
Part 3. Working with Midi: Setting up your midi controller, using instrument tracks, and recording and editing Midi patches. 
Part 4. Producing Drums: Tuning the drums, Mic placement, and Recording Drums using the Glyn Johns method.
Part 5. Producing Guitar: Recording acoustic and electric guitars into Pro Tools. (mic placement, processing, etc.) 
Part 6. Producing Vocals: Producing Vocal tracks, includes processing tips with plug-in's, vocal comping, and editing in Pro Tools. 
Part 7. Producing Bass: Capturing the Low end, Direct Input recording, processing tips using Pro Tools.
Part 8. Mixing 101: Mix preparation, gain staging, and session organising in Pro Tools.
Part 9. Mixing 201:  Creating the static mix, working with inserts, drum alignment/replacement, sub mixing, and 2 bus processing.
Part 10. Mastering: Creating your Mastering chain, Metering, Maximizer settings, and Loudness levels in Pro Tools.


To buy Indie Producer now, scroll down to "checkout" below and follow the payment instructions. Happy producing!