Don't trade happiness for survival.

Why do we trade our inner peace or happiness in order to satisfy the temporal external pressures of life? Since when did we stop believing the truth, and just became good little useful slaves? Personally I never wanted to be…

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Procrastinator or Pioneer?

It takes a certain degree of courage in order to pioneer something new. The reason being is that pioneering is hard, for it can be slow work, and doesn't come without it's challenges, disappointments, and occasional setbacks.

I remember when…

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The slowcooker approach.

In our fast food age, we like to microwave our lunches, get drive through coffee, and get high speed internet on demand. In fact society is moving at a much more frenzied pace than it did even 100 years ago…

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Finding your musical niche.

What is a niche? People use this term frequently, however a niche could be described as a suitable position, or it could refer to denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.


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Artistic courage versus playing it "safe."

Being a real artist requires taking risks. Whether it's trying new techniques, or attempting a different form, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Growing up I always admired those artists who challenged the status quo, and wrote…

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The New age of Digital audio.

Ever wondered how the music industry suddenly changed overnight? I mean look at all those streaming services out there, and where did all the major labels go? Although the majors are still around a lot of things have changed, and…

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