1.) Raw Multi-tracks Pop/Rock style drums: $150 per song

These are raw multi-track wav files, of all the drum channels: kick in, kick out, snare top, snare bottom, rack tom , floor tom, Overheads ( spaced pair) both Left and Right channels, as well as Stereo room mic ( left and right) or a mono room mic or "wurst mic" upon request.

2.) Pre-Mixed Drum Stems: Vintage Gretsch Kit- $220 per song  

Using industry standard mics this vintage kit is expertly recorded, phase aligned, and professionally mixed down into a stereo wav file, giving you utmost convenience and flexibility! All you have to do is just import or drag and drop the stem into your DAW session and your ready for mixing.

3.) Bespoke Custom crafted Drums: $500 per song

Choose any combination of drums, your favorite cymbals and I will create a custom kit and custom performance for you! I do this using popular third party software drums featuring a variety of different drum sounds and options for your tastes. I use programs  like Get Good drums on Kontact 7, featuring a massive rock kit ( John Bonham style) that features Ludwig drums and Paiste cymbals, as well a more modern fusion Tama kit with Meinl cymbals. If that weren't enough I also have the complete Steven Slate 5.5 drum pack with the Blackbird expansion pack recorded in Nashville by John McBride. The Steven Slate drums and the expansion packs are  incredible and were recorded in the best rooms, with the best gear, for that "radio ready" drum sound that will sit nicely in any pop or rock mix.

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Drum photos

Drum recording in East Tennessee. Here is my 70's gretsch kit with Bosphorus, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals.

 Gretsch Renown maple kit with K Zildjian Sweet cymbals.

My main studio kit in the UK: Gretsch Renown Walnut: 10, 12, 14, & 16" rack toms and 18 x 22" kick drum. Ludwig supraphonic snare. Istanbul Agop cymbals 14" hihats, 18" crash, 20" power crash and 22" traditional jazz ride.

Drum tracking session in 2019 in Hendersonville, NC. Slingerland kit with A & K Zildjians.

Jordan Young- Drummer/Percussionist

Bespoke drummer for hire

With over 25 years playing experience with various bands and indie artists, I am confident that I can deliver a polished drum sound and performance for your next music release.

My primary drumkit is a vintage USA Gretsch (maple shells) with a variety of different cymbals.

I absolutely love the tone of these shells,  and this kit records extremely well and the shells are punchy and warm and excellent for any modern sounding rock or pop style drum productions. 

Most styles welcomed including pop, r&b, rock, funk, and metal.